Registration Fees Overview:

Registration Category

Early Bird Price
Until 20/02/2020

Standard Price
from 20/02/2020

Onsite Registration

Author 450 USD/3200 RMB 500 USD/3600 RMB Not Applicable
Author (Committee Members)* 400 USD/2850 RMB 450 USD/3200 RMB Not Applicable
Author (Students) ** 400 USD/2850 RMB 450 USD/3200 RMB Not Applicable
Oral Presentation only*** 310 USD/2200 RMB 350 USD/2500 RMB Not Applicable
Listener**** 250 USD/1750 RMB 280 USD/2000 RMB 300 USD/2150 RMB
Student Listener**** 170 USD/1200 RMB 210 USD/1500 RMB 230 USD/1650 RMB
Each Additional Paper***** 330 USD/2350 RMB 370 USD/2600 RMB Not Applicable
Each Additional Page (up to 5) 50 USD/350 RMB 50 USD/350 RMB Not Applicable
Each Additional Copy of Publication 50 USD/350 RMB 50 USD/350 RMB  Not Applicable
Social Program****** 60 USD/400 RMB 60 USD/400 RMB Not Applicable

*Announced committee member could get discount
**Student ID or official letter of University must be provided 
***Full paper submission is not required, will not be published
****Listener could register before June 26. Onsite registration price is
300 USD/2150 RMB.
*****Additional paper should be with one same author with the first paper.
******Social Program is optional and is based on payment basis. Kindly send the tour request to conference secretary in writing when you submit the final registration documents.
The registration fee for delegates includes admission to the congress, to all sessions, the poster area, Reception coffee, lunch, dinner on June 27, 2020 and the congress bag.


Listener Registration

The Organizing Committee invites you to attend the 3rd AIPR Conference and experience presentations by leading minds in the field. The non-presenting audience not only gets the opportunity to listen to the keynote speeches, and other insights shared by the top speakers, but also will get the opportunity of sharing their own ideas and insights at the Q and A sessions. In addition, the attendees will be exposed to several networking opportunities with both the corporate and academic figures. To avoid delays in registration, please read the entire registration form carefully. You should submit completed Registration Form to for registration status checking after online payment. If you have not received acknowledgment of your registration, please contact us at

* Online Registration
* Listener Registration Form (TBA)


Registration Cancellation Policy:

Notification of cancellation must be made in writing and sent to by email.
Up to and including 25 May 2020 the registration fee will not be refunded, For any any refund a handling fee of 50 USD will be charged. No refunds will be made for cancellations received after this date. 
No shows will not be refunded. 
If you do not send an email confirming that you wish to cancel your place at the conference you will still be liable to pay the fees. AIPR is not responsible for problems beyond our control such as weather conditions, campus conditions, travel difficulties, visa problems, health issues, etc.


Personal Security:

For the safety of your and others' personal and property, participants are required to wear name card, and those accompanying must wear the name card as well. Please keep the attendance card well. The conference leader onsite has the right to stop those without the name card from entering the meeting room.
Please note that the Organizing Committee will not accept liability for any kind of damage, losses or injuries occurring to persons or personal belongings during the conference. Be sure to organise suitable travel and health insurance.
(Please note that costs for travel, accommodation and insurances are not included in the registration fees.)

For Further information about registration, please contact

Tel: +86-18081079313